ragdoll_baby (ragdoll_baby) wrote,

no smint? no kiss :p

Last Cigarette: last night/this morn. ah, would be this morning actually. grrr...

Last Alcoholic Drink: as above.

Last Car Ride: yesterday.

Last Kiss: last night. yuck.

Last Good Cry: i think last night.

Last Library Book checked out: i dunno.

Last Movie Seen in Theatres: dunno.

Last Book Read: don't know.

Last Movie Rented: quills

Last Cuss Word Uttered: prolly fuck. but who knows.

Last Beverage Drank: alcoholic? woulda been a black smirnoff ice WITH RASBERRY [otherwise i munt] i think.

Last Food Consumed: pizza for tea.

Last Crush: dunno. prolly tigh i guess. maybe. i dunno if i like or not.

Last Phone Call: ross.

Last TV Show Watched: the simpsons :)

Last Time Showered: this morn. well, arvo. at about 2.00

Last Shoes Worn: thongs.

Last CD Played: ryan :)

Last Item Bought: subway :)

Last Download: meh. dunno.

Last Annoyance: my monologue

Last Disappointment: waking up this morn.

Last Soda Drank: coke.

Last Thing Written: um... i dunno.

Last Key Used: MY CAR! whoo!

Last Word Spoken: dunno.

Last Sleep: this morn/last night :)

Last Sexual Fantasy: the last one? :P nah, last one i had i ended up doing, so... meh.

Last Weird Encounter: last night.

Last Ice Cream Eaten: does sorbet in my juice from the juice bar count? if so - mango sorbet.

Last Time Amused: last night when i ran into bucket [boy from wishart's party]. lucky i was drunk and so was he. otherwise it probably wouldnt've been quite so 'amusing'.

Last Time Wanting To Die: i dunno. not for a while. which is good. i think about dying but not in a wanting way.

Last Time In Love: actually i did cry last night, just remembered. on moorabool street. cause i went past bay fm and i was blind drunk. i remember yelling shit up at the building and crying. ooops. um, as for the question - i don't know anymore. i love someone but don't really like them anymore.

Last Time Hugged: last night/this morn

Last Time Resentful: waking up this morn

Last Chair Sat In: this one :p

Last Lipstick Used: i dun use lipstick. i have my dirty hippie lip balm. mmm... paw paw.

Last Underwear Worn: dark pink/fuschia. which was good at the time but i went for a dress fitting and the material is see through so i need new jocks.

Last Bra Worn: mmm... mint green.

Last Shirt Worn: my yr 12 one.

Last Webpage Visited: http://wwwlivejournal.com/update.bml funnily enough
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