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free love baby

25 July
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ummm... read my journal. my old one is - www.livejournal.com/~jae_lily if you want the background info.

jae x
adalita, adrenalin, aftershave, alleyways, anything i can't have, aussie bands, australia day, bay fm, being drunk, being drunk in backyards, being lazy, being trashy, bitching, black and white photos, blonde hair, bonfires, boys, breathing heavily, captain jack sparrow, cheating, checking for wedding rings, christmas, cigarettes, cigarettes after sex, cock, coke, comments on my journal, cookie dough, cruel intentions, dangerous liaisons, diet coke with lime, djs, double beds, drinking, drunk sex, drunken conversations, fairy floss, fireworks, free love, gay boys, gloria jeans, goaties, groupie, guitars, heartbreak, hippies, hot chocolate, innocence, jeff buckley, jocks, kaluah, kissing, kissing in the rain, kissing on my neck, laughing till it hurts, lillies, live music, long hair, long ratty hair, love, lust, macca d's, magazines, manipulative people, married men, mean boys, men, messages from pat, messages in general, midori, mint green, missy higgins, music, music festivals, my bed, my kitten, my phone, naked people, older men, painting, pat, pearls, perfume, perving, phone sex with stevie, photos, piercings, pirates, pissing people off, radio, random kissing, random love, raviolli, red hair, romanticism, romeo and juliet, ruby red, ryan adams, sarah mcleod, school camps, seedy men, sex, sex in general, skin, smashing pumpkins, smirnoff, smirny!, snickers spread, song lyrics, soy boy, soy hot chocolate dammit, stevie, stubble, stumbling around, stumbling home, sugar ;), sweat, tainted love, the barking dog, the first time, the internet, the simpsons, the smell of coffee, the superjesus, the word cigarette, the word cock, the word vanilla, thongs, tim henwood, tommy, trashy eyeliner, travis from blink, vanilla coke, vanilla lip gloss, vodka